Wanted: Greenback NSW and QLD Team Ambassadors

The Greenback Management Team are looking for NSW and QLD Team Ambassadors to support the lead up to the Fowler Building Services Greenback NSW vs QLD shield presentation on Sunday 9 June at the Pottsville Beach Sports Club. The roles are open to anyone to volunteer. If you’re a passionate Blues or Maroons sports person and don’t mind some banter, then these roles are for you.

Lions Club of Cabarita Beach Pottsville Beach Inc We do have some interest… I would like some more helpers to chant the Queenslander and the Blues, the game will start soon, may even be this week, and from what I can see, QLD have taken the lead well and good with fishing shirt orders ……..and for the record, I will wear the Team QLD on the Saturday and Team NSW on Sunday, although I am thinking of swapping that around this year, now that the boundaries are no longer… WHO is up for the Ambassador challenge? You will be rewarded if you can get the crowd going !


Author: Stephen Duffield

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Greenback NSW and QLD Team Ambassadors

  1. My Friends are entering me into the fishing comp i just want to buy the shirt can i do this please an how

    1. Hi Bruce, goto home page and look fore the button thats says , at the bottom of that page select ,register now> and it will go through the process.

      I am doing up an video on how to sat/sun, so if you want to wait until then, or have a go now 🙂
      Regards, Stephen

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