SIGN ON -now a simple scan

The greenback comp over the years has had many a variation of the timing sign-on and the process. There have been many a bell, horns, fireworks along with stamps, date stamps and colored stickers and dots. in 2019 we enter the digital world of scan your ticket …..

For 2019 we have changed sign-on time to 8 am for ONLINE TICKET’s at 3 main sites, Ballina, Pottsville and Gold Coast. I am sure that will make a lot of Ballina/Evens Head fishing folk a tad happy. Ballina will also have 3 sign-on sites 1) Pete’s BCF Ballina 2) Brett’s Ballina Bait & Tackle 3) Jay’s HOOKED ON. With our boundaries gone, this opens up a new comp to many QLD fishing folk, so it made sense to have an online ticket sign-on at the Gold Coast (madkeen tent (hosted by Damian) located outside at The Bait Shop Gold Coast 22 Kendor St ARUNDEL (hosted by Paul).

The 8 am start will make some happy, just please come prepared to scan your ticket and pickup an entry pass and fishing bag. If you ordered a 4WD permit for the Tweed coast, you will need the ticket for the 4WD scanned and you will be provided with a 2019 permit label. For those that have not bought online, you will need to come to Pottsville for a 9 am sign-on and be issued with a ticket to be scanned. Some smart phones give you the ability to keep the ticket in a app, this will work as long as the greenback scanner can see the QR code or barcode. As shown below are the square QR code and the rectangle barcode.

If you purchase an online ticket after 2 June, you can only sign-on at 8am Pottsville. This also applies to the 4WD permit.