SIGN ON -now a simple scan

The greenback comp over the years has had many a variation of the timing sign-on and the process. There have been many a bell, horns, fireworks along with stamps, date stamps and colored stickers and dots. in 2019 we enter the digital world of scan your ticket …..

For 2019 we have changed sign-on time to 8 am for ONLINE TICKET’s at 3 main sites, Ballina, Pottsville and Gold Coast. I am sure that will make a lot of Ballina/Evens Head fishing folk a tad happy. Ballina will also have 3 sign-on sites 1) Pete’s BCF Ballina 2) Brett’s Ballina Bait & Tackle 3) Jay’s HOOKED ON. With our boundaries gone, this opens up a new comp to many QLD fishing folk, so it made sense to have an online ticket sign-on at the Gold Coast (madkeen tent (hosted by Damian) located outside at The Bait Shop Gold Coast 22 Kendor St ARUNDEL (hosted by Paul).

The 8 am start will make some happy, just please come prepared to scan your ticket and pickup an entry pass and fishing bag. If you ordered a 4WD permit for the Tweed coast, you will need the ticket for the 4WD scanned and you will be provided with a 2019 permit label. For those that have not bought online, you will need to come to Pottsville for a 9 am sign-on and be issued with a ticket to be scanned. Some smart phones give you the ability to keep the ticket in a app, this will work as long as the greenback scanner can see the QR code or barcode. As shown below are the square QR code and the rectangle barcode.