NSW Research Angler Program

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Responsible fishing -NSW Research Angler Program

      “On behalf of the NSW Research Angler Program, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the donation of your frames to research, particularly the 1st place fish… The participation of keen and passionate recreational fishers like you is critical to the success of this program. The program is, in turn, providing us with vital biological data which we are able to use to monitor the health of important recreational fish stocks in NSW.  Should you catch and keep a …dusky flathead or tailor in the future, we will be similarly grateful if you could once again donate your frame to research.”  (Hayden Schilling | Tailor Scientist | Wild Fisheries Program, NSW Department of Primary Industries | Fisheries NSW)

We have invited Hayden to Greenback 2019, Looking forward to supporting the research.

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