Not to proceed with 2023 Greenback Comp.

With regret, the Greenback Management Team (GMT) has decided ‘not to proceed with the 2023 Greenback Fishing Competition’. Running a large community event has many financial and planning challenges. The GMT agreed to commence the 2024 Greenback Fishing Competition Plans in early 2023.


One of our critical tasks is to follow up with all past Sponsors and seek new sponsorships.

Volunteers are what makes Greenback so successful. If you can find 4-8 hours a week, the GMT would welcome your help.

Our goal is to hold our largest Lions Greenback Fishing Competition event since 2006-2007.

We welcome feedback on how improvements can be made to the Event.

Regards, GMT


Lion Bill 0411 406 143 (Greenback Chair)

Lion Harry (Event Management)

Lion Stephen (Event Technical)


Author: Lion Stephen Duffield

2 thoughts on “Not to proceed with 2023 Greenback Comp.

  1. Looking forward to next comp
    After finishing full time work I appreciate events that provide community enrolment.Please keep enterance fees affordable for families.

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