Lions Charity Raffle …and the Winners are:

Posted on: 12/06/2019, by :

1st #0824 Edina Bautista; $5000 CASH

2nd #2399 Neale Genge; $6000 Tweed Coast Marine Boat package

3rd #1628 Mary Heck; North Star Holiday voucher $1500

4th #1989 Bill Brodie; madkeen $250 voucher

5th #1940 Jamie T.; Pottsville Bait and Tackle $150 voucher

2 thoughts on “Lions Charity Raffle …and the Winners are:

  1. Hi Stephen
    I ordered a Greenback fishing jersey (4xl qld) and opted for it to be posted. It hasn’t shown up. Just wondering if there’s a delay????

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