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How to ‘video’ guides orientation

How to enter, register, pay and print ticket(s)

How to purchase Raffle tickets

How to order/purchase a Fishing Comp (NSW/QLD) Polo or Tee-Shirt (s) 

How to purchase a 4WD Permit – Tweed Coast

How to buy multiple tickets and Fishing shirts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you register off-line? using a paper form?

yes, download the form here, complete the details, pay the fees and return the form to Greenback (Stephen), and you will be entered as an online entry, a ticket will be sent to you, ready for 8 am sign-on (scan of ticket) at your selected sign-on location.

Do I need to sign-on?

Yes: If you have an online ticket you can be scanned at the selected location from 8 am to 1 pm. You will be given a sign on bag, rules and information, and applicable permits if purchased. You are then ready to go fishing.

How do you get a Tweed Coast 4WD permit?

Tweed 4WD permit here – pre 2 June: Tweed 4WD permit – Bundle is One permit. If you purchase a permit before we receive TSC approval, you will receive an email with the updated 2019 permit details.

What can I fish for?

Can you purchase multiple Tickets in one transaction?

Yes, At the entry page you can select up to 10 items (ie 2 man, 1 ladies, 2 juniors, and 5 shirts). You then proceed to the Registration page where each person and item (ie Shirts) becomes an ‘attendee’. You answer some Q’s so we know where your sign-on location, size of shirts, which state NSW/QLD for your points etc You will then proceed to payment page. Following successful payment, you will receive a number of emails for the items purchased consisting of invoices, receipts and your entry ticket. It is important to bring the entry ticket when signing on as we are using the bar codes/QR code as your system sign-on. …. Good luck with your Fishing. Note: 4WD permits are sold separately.

What are the age limits?

Senior is 55 and over 55 | Junior is 16 and under 16

Live Chat

Live Chat can be found with a Green Button located bottom right of your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Enter your name and email and if I am online I will help you, if I am not online you can send me a message.

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