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A Greenback objective is to keep the Competition alive and back to back. Savings in logistics and operating in the internet world are two key components of our 3-10-year plan. The 2019 changes are what the Greenback Management Team are focused on at the back-end. At the front-end it is all about fishing, mates, family, NSW v’s QLD, raising money for our local communities, having a good time, volunteering, supporting our future fishos ‘the juniors’.

This offer of discounted registration rates supports our objective to get everyone online.

Discount registration rates

Get a Group/Team/Family together and you will have the opportunity for a 10-30% discount from the early bird /full rate.

At the Fishing Comp ticket page, you will see the following contact form.

“If you are entering a Group/Team/Family you must submit the following details prior to registration. You will then be advised of the process that best suits registration for your group-team-family.

Name(required) Email(required) Please show the numbers of the group/team/family using Men (M) Ladies (L) Seniors (S) Juniors (J), DVA Veteran (MV, LV, SV). For example: 8 Total 3M 1MV 2L 2J(required)”

Extract from Ticket page
Group Promo codes

If your group/team/family member/s have already registered an alternative arrangement will be available. If you are wanting some group/team tee-shirts made, contact madkeen and I am sure Damian will be able to help you.

Finally, some fishos do struggle/trust with today’s internet/computer world. If this is the case, Please use our Offline registration forms or phone/email Stephen.

You may also like to consider using the Greenback Payment Plan

Greenback Payment Plan

This time of the year can always be a challenge. If you are spending over $150.00 we offer a way to register for Greenback at early bird rates and pay regular payments using bank deposit/transfer. The final payment MUST be paid by 29 May 2019. Please use the Greenback Payment Plan form <here>


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