Greenback ‘NSW v’s QLD’

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Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield

The Greenback Game has commenced @ 10 April 2018 6pm

Game Day: NSW [ 91 ]   v’s  QLD [ 100 ]

For Progress score’s please enter here

Points will be collected as you register and select your team and/or when you place an order for a fishing polo shirt and/or a face guard.  The points will be updated as they come into the Greenback Management Team. They will fluctuate as the entrant numbers change impacting the pro-rata calculations.

On the 9th of June after sign-on closes, the final pro-rata will be applied based on the number of participants from each state. The points count will close at the completion of the weigh-in on the 10th of June.



One of the outcomes from our survey was a couple of requests to have some competition around the State of the Origin theme, as Game 1 is in Melbourne on 6 June 2018. Three days later Greenback starts….

We plan to use the points that each entrant receives for their catch. Over the years we generally have had 40-45% Queenslanders and with moving the fishing competition boundaries up to the QLD/NSW border, I would like to think we could get close to a 50/50 split. Whatever the difference is, a pro-rata will be applied to balance the states for an even start.

Some of us newbies (like me) to fishing may not catch enough to win a prize, but this way everyone’s catch will count.

I was planning on using the postcode as a coding point but soon realised that there might be Queenslanders living in NSW and vice-versa. So I have now revised the registration process to ask for“QLD  v’s NSW Competition (please select the team where your points will go)” 

QLD  //  NSW  // or do not want my points used

We will also have blue and maroon merchandise face mug guards and fishing shirts for sale showing our sponsors, partners and beneficiaries. For each face mug guard and shirt sold, 5 bonus points will be allocated to each team. The 5 points equate to catching a single fish under the competition rules. As some of you will know we are not all successful in catching fish so this way everyone has an opportunity to influence the points of their chosen state.

J&K Fowler Building Services have kindly sponsored the Inaugural ‘Greenback QLD v’s NSW Shield’. I have spoken with fishing clubs and a few of our early bird entries, and everyone seems to agree that this will add some more entertainment during the weigh-in on Sunday morning of the competition.

fowler greenback nsw _qld shield

UPDATE 1:  I carried out a test run using 2014 data, NSW won 3838 to 2015 points. If the Queenslanders showed up wearing 83 more maroon fishing shirts then they would have won by 4 points, 3166 to 3162. For this year, buying a state coloured fishing shirt and/or a face mug guard is equal to catching one legal size fish. Not everyone is successful in catching fish, so this way they can still have an input to the final points score.

Update 2: Should it be a shield or a cup?

Update 3: Thanks to the discussion on the Lions facebook page we will go with a Shield.