Greenback Q&A…these are just concepts…we need your feedback.

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Q.1. Should we consider a Friday night 5pm-10pm at Pottsville, Saturday 8am-12noon Ballina, Pottsville & Gold Coast SIGN-ON? Weigh-in would still remain Sunday 9 am sharp.
Q.2. If we implement Q1, should we look at a weekend late July…August ?
Q.3. Should we have a standard GREENback shirt and for those that want a 2020 TEAM NSW or 2020 TEAM QLD shirt an early order would need to be in place like end of Feb.
Q.4. Should we look into another way of tallying the points for the Fowler Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield? (e.g. Jewfish are not counted or only tailor counted?)

3 thoughts on “Greenback Q&A…these are just concepts…we need your feedback.

  1. Q1: we would have loved a Friday night sign on! Gives people the opportunity to set up camp the night before then main comp day.
    We went to Ballina this year and set up camp in the rain at 11am, would have been good to be there the night before, then we can fish the sunrise too.

  2. Because of circumstances beyond my control I have been unable to take part in the Greenback event so far. However I look forward to the day I can. However, as the event has been so successful so for I am sure those running the event will make all the right decisions to improve it as necessary.

    1. Thanks Stewart, appreciate the feedback and trust in the Lions. We aim to raise money for the local beneficiaries and provide an enjoyable outdoor experience for all. This year we have raised over $14,000 thanks to our volunteers, sponsors and our entrants, all 451 of them. Another 150 entrants would hit the $20,000 mark. We have invested back into the competition infrastructure both hardware and IT systems, so out future years should help us reach the target 600+ entrants. Just looking for those changes that will support our community goals. 🙂 Best Stephen

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