Greenback 2021 media clip


Author: Lion Stephen Duffield

3 thoughts on “Greenback 2021 media clip

  1. I signed up to the 2021 greenback last night and had to select an option from the Dropbox about where I will sign on. I selected pre June 1st but I’m confused as to what that means as I thought signing up online avoided signing up manually?

    1. Hi Blake, I will get back to you ASAP. Online payment means all you have to is pickup your entrants bag at your chosen location or Ballina, Gold Coast or Pottsville. When I get back online I will check to see what is your status. Cheers Stephen

    2. Hi Blake, you have selected Pottsville as your sign-in location. please bring your ticket for a quick turnaround.
      I will send you a private email about the payment amount.

      lion Stephen

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