Greenback 2020 is

The 33nd Greenback Tailor Fishing Competition (est 1981) is at Pottsville Beach Sports

Register Online : 2020 is the new era of online registration

Game On: Sign-on with an online ticket scan at your chosen location (Ballina & Gold Coast (Online only), Pottsville (Online and cash)

No Boundaries: No geographical limit other than you must be in NSW or QLD tidal waters (beach, rock, rivers and estuaries)

Support your Team: TEAM NSW or TEAM QLD

Bigger Fish: the merge of NSW and QLD regulations means longer fish

Smaller Bags: Bag limits of 15 fish per competitor to support the sustainability of the competition.

Better odds: With the competition changes the odds of winning a prize has significantly improved

Great prizes: Over $35,000 prizes and cash up for grabs.

Secret Fish: The madkeen secret fish only known by one person at weigh-in (A fish specie by weight)

the Sunday:  “well organised and very friendly helpful bunch of volunteers which make it a great atmosphere around the competition especially during the closing ceremony” …and don’t forget the Greenback After party.


Author: Lion Stephen Duffield

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