Competition Rules / Regulations

Competition Rules / Regulations

  • The event is based on a Beach, Rock, River and Estuary tidal waters Greenback Fishing Competition. There is no geographical limit to the area in which fish may be caught, other than you must be in NSW and QLD tidal waters.
  • The Greenback Fishing Competition will be conducted under guidelines of the Lions Greenback Management Team, NSW Fisheries Management Act 1994, Queensland Fisheries Act 1994 and Queensland Fisheries Regulation 2008.
  • Boats are permitted in estuaries & rivers only.
  • All boats must carry safety equipment as required by the relevant NSW or QLD Maritime authority.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to acquaint themselves with these requirements.
  • All entrants are bound by the same Competition Regulations, Rules and Bag Limits.

Note: The competition fish size is a combination of NSW and QLD regulations and bag limits have been reduced in the interest of sustainability of the competition.

  • Only 8 species of fish will be accepted for the weigh-in (Tailor, Bream, Dart, Flathead, Jewfish, Luderick, Tarwhine & Whiting).
  • A total combined bag limit of 15 fish per competitor.
  • Points will be allocated as 5 Points Per Fish & 10 Points per Kilogram.
  • No one angler to take out more than one prize in heaviest of the species category.
  • All fish must be solely caught by one competitor, of legal length, whole for the weigh-in, must not have broken necks or have been gutted.
  • All fish submitted for weigh-in shall be by hook, inside competition hours and available for scrutiny until prize winners announced.
  • The Greenback Management Team reserve the right to gut any fish.
  • All fish submitted for weigh-in shall be auctioned for charity.
  • All competitors who purchase a Tweed Shire 4WD permit, are acknowledging that you have read and fully understand the conditions of the permit and agree to comply with the same. That you fully understand that failure to comply with these requirements may result in the immediate cancellation of the permit and/or the issue of an infringement notice for the offence. The Greenback temporary beach vehicle permit provided at sign-on will be attached to the vehicle so that it can be easily identified as a temporary permit holder by local Rangers.
  • Camping is prohibited within the Tweed Shire except in designated camping grounds. All rubbish will be removed.
  • No dogs, or fires on any beaches within the Tweed Shire boundaries.
  • All competitors will follow the respective Shire or Council regulations when located in NSW or QLD tidal waters.
  • All competitors will be required to sign an activity and compliance statement (declaring that the fish have been caught in accordance with these Rules) and record on the activity sheet where the fish were caught. The sign-on pack will contain the activity report & compliance sheet.
  • Any evidence of fraud/non-compliance with the rules and goodwill of the competition will be placed in the hands of the appropriate authority.
  • Competition lengths and bag limits apply. Note: some size limits are different than those set by the respective Queensland and New South Wales fishing rules and regulations. PLEASE make sure you are aware of this competition-size limits set out in the following table.

CAPE BYRON Marine Park:

All no-take zones in marine parks are excluded. All competitors are to acquaint themselves with rules and regulations of the CAPE BYRON marine park and will be liable and responsible for their actions within CAPE BYRON marine park. Details and marine park rules are available at

Zoning maps for NSW marine parks are now available for free on smartphones and tablets from the Avenza Map Store and as part of the NSW DPI FishSmart app. To use Avenza Maps, download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play. Once installed, go to the Avenza Maps Store and search for ‘DPI Fisheries’ to find and download available maps.

Alternatively, the NSW DPI FishSmart app provides recreational fishers access to essential information needed to fish in NSW waters, including marine park maps. PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to visit an area of limited mobile reception it is recommended that you use Avenza Maps.


The Lions Greenback Management Team, its Officials, agents or any other person or persons associated with the Competition, do not accept or admit any liability whatsoever occasioned by any injury, loss or damage, including life or property, of any kind whatsoever, which may be suffered by any person or persons be they, competitor or visitor, during or after the Competition.

All persons are to fully understand and make themselves aware, that participating in the Competition, they do so entirely at their OWN RISK.


The Competitor including all and any Juniors and their Legal Guardian Consents to the publication and/or use in any form of merchandise or media whatsoever of their name, image, voice, results, statements or otherwise, without payment or compensation and agree that they will reasonably expect to receive marketing material, such as emails, text messages and online updates from the Lions Greenback Management Team.

An option to not receive messages from the Greenback Management Team will be provided on each broadcast.