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Order Greenback NSW / QLD fishing Polo & T-Shirts

The Competition Polo Shirts are subject to availability. If your order will not be ready for the 8-9 June, you will have the opportunity to cancel the order or wait until the polo shirts arrive post Greenback weekend.

$59.99 each with Free Postage in Australia
$34.99 with Free Postage in Australia



LIONS MAJOR CHARITY RAFFLE  1st /2nd prize is a TCM Boat package value at $6,000.00 OR $5,000.00 Cash + 3 runner up prizes with a combined value of $1900. Participation in this raffle is deemed acceptance of the TERMS and CONDITIONS:

Entry is open to Australian residents who purchase a ticket “in New South Wales (NSW)”.

Residents of ACT, NT, Tasmania, NSW and QLD can purchase LIONS MAJOR GREENBACK CHARITY RAFFLE on-line tickets.

(The ticket numbers will be emailed to you within 5 days).

Residents of South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia are not able to purchase online tickets.

Early Bird rates

Early Bird rates will be available up to 11:55 pm 1 May 2019 .

Savings of $10 for each divisional entry

No Promotional code is needed at check-out

There will be 4 monthly prize draws for On-line entries: Prizes are $100 BCF vouchers and Bush&Beach Fishing subs is back online after 3 weeks of pulling my hair out :(

Apologies for any inconvenience. We have finished the transfer from our host account and domain from US providers to Australian providers.

I am now trying to find missing links , pictures etc

If you find any issues please let me know, thanks, Stephen

Are you ready for the new era of The Greenback Fishing Competition?

An increase prize pool of $35,000 with a madkeen goods $1000 secret fish! There will be multiple sign-on’s (for on-line entrants ) as the borders are no longer, so you can fish up and down the coast in your favourite QLD or NSW secret locations to bring home that prize fish back on Sunday at the Pottsville Beach Sports Club. For those who enter online, sign-on will be, arrive at 8am Saturday (at your nearest sign-on location), scan your barcode / QR code, pick up your surprise pack and 4WD permit tag (do it all online in 2019) and GO FISHING!

Our website has had a major overhaul, so registering and paying for entries, 4WD permits and buying your much wanted QLD/NSW fishing tops is the way to go. With the borders gone, we are expecting an interesting ‘Fowlers Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield’ result. A special thanks to our returning major sponsors Tweed Coast Marine, madkeen, Jason Fowler Building Services and BCF Ballina.

This is another first 🙂 Greenback is on the back of the bus.

Tweed Coast Marine are back to back

Our major sponsor from Greenback 2018 Tweed Coast Marine are now part of the Greenback ‘back to back’ sponsorship team.  Many thanks to Dan and his team of suppliers to offer another boat package to the Greenback Management Team. Tweed Coast Marine will be our naming sponsors for the Men and Ladies Divisions.  The boat package will be  1st / 2nd in the Lions Charity raffle, so everyone will have an opportunity to win the boat package.

Without Sponsors we would not have a Greenback fishing competition, so if your after a boat please visit Dan Andrews at Tweed Coast Marine.  tweedcoastmarine

BCF Ballina are back to back

The team at BCF Ballina are back to back supporting the Greenback Team in 2019.

Many thanks to Peter and his team.  BCF will sponsor the junior’s division 1st, 2nd and 3rd and the eight heaviest species.  I look forward to visiting Ballina and drop a line.

The Ballina BCF store.

I don’t do on-line :( – well now you can do it off-line :)

In today’s technology world, there are many reasons why people don’t do on-line. Complete the forms and get them to Stephen who enters the data into the event system. You will receive some emails as Stephen processes the order. Please discuss options with Stephen.

I also have a live chat available. You find it at the bottom right corner of your screen/app etc 

If you are stuck and not sure what to do, then please phone Stephen – Greenback Chair (0421052135)  AND WE WILL HELP YOU TO FIND A WAY.

2019 Back to Back Greenback countdown to sign-on has officially commenced.

2018-2019 Back-to-back Greenback has officially commenced.  Our last back-to-back was in 2014. We are now 200 days from Sign-On.

2019 Greenback is going to be the start of a new era with the management of the annual Lions Greenback fishing competition event.

The Lions Cabarita Beach and Pottsville Beach are now in a partnership agreement with Pottsville Beach Sports Club and Pottsville Beach Fishing Club to run the event based at the Pottsvile Beach Sports Club.

We would like to do as much as we can on-line.  The use of  on-line tools to manage registration, entry tickets, sign-on, 4WD permits will help with the volunteer workload required leading up to and supporting the weekend event.  We understand that may be challenging, however it provides a significant reduction in volunteers required leading up to the event.

If you are able to help please consider volunteering and supporting the Greenback Management Project Team.

Our new Titanium sponsor is the Pottsville Beach Sports Club. Madkeen have also renewed their Platinum sponsorship (keep a look out for the 2019 NSW and QLD Greenback fishing tops).

Work is in progress with 2019 Sponsors. The Lions Greenback Charity Raffle will soon be available.

We are taking the best of ‘Cabarita Beach Greenback’ along with the ‘Pottsville Fishing Beach Classic’ and turning it all into an awesome ‘The Pottsville Beach Sports Greenback Fishing Competition (A project of the Lions Club Cabarita Beach and Pottsville Beach)’ event. The 2019 Greenback Fishing Competition will run the same format as it did in 2018 with some on-line changes and a new secret fish prize.

One significant change is the removal of the competition boundaries. Boundaries are tidal waters only. We are going back to the early years, where the Greenback fishing competition did not have boundaries. [This should even up the playing field with the ‘Fowler QLD v’s NSW Greenback Shield’.] Boats are permitted in estuaries & rivers only. As a result of the boundary changes, we have changes in the fish sizes and bag limits have also changed. All fishermen bound by same Rules and Bag Limits.

Please follow us to keep updated with all the latest news.

The Greenback Management Team

2019 Greenback Fishing Competition

The NSW v’s QLD comp will be running again, so please follow this site for updates.

 We have received many emails about the 2019 event, so it is good to see the Greenback competition is back to back 

Cheers, Stephen

Greenback Fishing Competition

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NSW DPI FishSmart app

FishSmart app

Check out the new FishSmart app created by NSW DPI to provide recreational fishers 24/7 access to essential information they need to know to fish in NSW.

The app includes; bag and size limits, closed seasons and fishing gear rules.

It provides a real-time map to locate your nearest FADs, artificial reefs, Recreational Fishing Havens and show where Marine Park zones are.

It also includes guides on; spearfishing, fishing safely, trout fishing, regional fishing information and more.

Use the app to contact DPI for reporting illegal fishing, fish kills, pest species etc as well as to contact local Fisheries Offices.

You can view our Facebook newsfeed and pay your recreational fishing licence fee using the app.

You can find it in the iTunes app store or on Google Play.

CAPE BYRON Marine Park

CAPE BYRON Marine Park: All no-take zones in marine parks are excluded. All competitors are to acquaint themselves with rules and regulations of the CAPE BYRON marine park and will be liable and responsible for their actions within CAPE BYRON marine park. Details and marine park rules are available at

Cape Byron Marine Park on the NSW far North Coast extends approximately 37 km along the coastline from the Brunswick River northern training wall to Lennox Head.

The marine park includes:

  • approximately 220 km2 of NSW state waters from the mean high water mark to three nautical miles offshore;
  • tidal waters of the Brunswick River and its tributaries;
  • Belongil Creek and Tallow Creek.

The park was established in November 2002 and its zones and management rules commenced in May 2006.

Zoning maps for NSW marine parks are now available for free on smartphones and tablets from the Avenza Map Store and as part of the NSW DPI FishSmart app.

To use Avenza Maps, download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play. Once installed, go to the Avenza Maps Store and search for ‘DPI Fisheries’ to find and download available maps.

Alternatively, the NSW DPI FishSmart app provides recreational fishers access to essential information needed to fish in NSW waters, including marine park maps.

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to visit an area of limited mobile reception it is recommended that you use Avenza Maps.

The marine park Zoning Map (PDF, 887.12 KB) and User Guide (PDF, 1943.36 KB) provide information about the zoning arrangements and management rules in the park.

CBMP-zoning-plan-user-guide (1)INT15-44611-Cape_Byron_Marine_Park_2015-low-resolution4 (1)

Experienced Greenback Catcher

This young osprey fishes regularly off Hastings Point. About a month ago he flew overhead calling loudly showing off his magnificent catch! I used to fish for tailor with my Dad (Allan Hinton) about 30 years ago and never understood why they were called Greenbacks – all I could manage were the small choppers! When I saw the osprey with this large greenback it all made sense! Clever bird!

Sally Hinton – local amateur wildlife photographer.

Ed. Thank you Sally, at least we know there are Greenbacks out there?  Glad that birds can’t enter the comp 🙂

Safe Fishing

Fishing, Bongil Bongil National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary
Fishing from a boat, the beach or by the river is a popular pastime for many national park visitors. If you’re planning a day out fishing, please consider the following safety tips:
  • Choose a safe place where there are no hazards
  • Wear a buoyancy vest if you are not a strong swimmer
  • Be very careful when walking on rocks as they can be slippery, and rogue waves can be unpredictable.
  • Never fish alone and always watch the waves
  • Be aware of the tides and weather
  • Wear appropriate footwear, clothing and head protection.
  • Carry a float and line to help anyone washed in
  • Visit the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW website for more information on staying safe while fishing

Rock fishing

Rock fishing is a potentially risky and dangerous activity. Large waves may appear suddenly and can wash over a rock-shelf without warning, sweeping those on rock platforms into the sea. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service does not promote rock fishing, however we recognise that it’s an activity undertaken by some members of the community in coastal parks across the state. Visitors should follow these basic safety tips at all times when rock fishing:

  • Never fish by yourself and never turn your back on the sea or ocean
  • Wear a life jacket or buoyancy vest, lightweight clothing and appropriate footwear for the conditions.
  • Tell family or friends of your plans
  • Always spend time watching the conditions before fishing, and scan for changing conditions.
  • Check tides, swell and weather conditions before setting out and never fish in exposed areas during rough or large seas.
  • Carry safety gear such as ropes, a float and torches.
  • Note the location of and access to life buoys where they are present
  • Plan an escape route in case you’re washed in
  • Don’t put yourself at risk if someone else is washed into the water
  • Carry a mobile phone
  • If you’re in doubt, don’t go out.

New rock fishing laws