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Online Competition Winners

May Fishing Monthly draw:

Ticket # 564 Congratulations Bethany×80393

Registration  Draws post 29 May 2018:×43479

BCF Coolers # 536 Rod Davis

Atomic Cap # 132 > Mark Stephen Theoharris
Atomic Cap # 133 > Warwick Fullarton


Atomic Cap and Tee-Shirt x 2:

#613 Teokotai William

#614 Lauren Davies×9926


bcf reg prize


Enter NOW and go into a lucky prize draw

From 11:15pm 29/5/2018 up to the

closure of online registration.

All entries will go into three ATOMIC prize draws

atomic cap

All Adult/Senior entries will go into two BCF prize draws

bcf reg prize

atomic prizeAll Junior entries (size 14) will go into one Atomic prize draw

All Junior entries (size 10) will go into one Atomic prize draw

When you enter please write size 10 or size 14 at ‘How did you hear about the Competition?: size 10 or size 14


The Tweed is alive

The Tweed is alive, you can just about catch the Greenback menu in the Tweed River system.

CATCH OF A LIFETIME: Locals pull huge mulloway out of Tweed River as fishing conditions reach a peak in Tweed,

the catch

Mark Coleman and his huge catch,
Mark Coleman and his huge catch,

‘It was thiiiiis big…’

TWO mates, going for a quiet evening fish on the Tweed River, have scored themselves the catch of a lifetime with a massive 13.5kg mulloway caught off the rock wal……..

‘Greenback Express’

express xservice

Why not Register online and join the Greenback Express.

Don’t get held up, when you can be on your fishing journey.

A dedicated sign-on team will ensure you will have priority in the pick-up of your sign-on bag and early sign-on.

If you are a Sponsor ticket holder or you have Registered / Pre-paid you will have access to the GREENBACK EXPRESS LANE.

Look out for the Greenback Express Pick-up as you enter Pandanus Parade,
Cabarita Beach.

express pickup









Useful Greenback links…

‘It was thiiiiis big…’

What is the Greenback Fishing Competition

{Register and Pay online and use the Express lane}

Mens/Ladies $40; Seniors $35 and Juniors $20.

We are unable to accept online entries, as we are now preparing for the Saturday (cash only) entry and sign-on action. We had over 250 online registrations which have helped to plan for this event.

The official start time is 9am Saturday, the sooner we get tents up and tables in place, we will try and commence processing entries. There will be two main entries to the main tent . One Entry on the RIGHT side for MEN and another Entry on the LEFT side for Seniors, Ladies and Juniors. We will have coordinators in place to help keep the line’s moving. Greenback Sign-On is still 10am.  Should be a great weekend of fishing activities. 

mudmap for public

You will need an NSW recreational fishing licence

You will need a 4wD permit for the Tweed Shire beaches

Understand the rules 

The Timetable

Parking at Cabarita Beach

Fowler Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield updates

How to get a Team NSW or Team Queensland Polo & mug guard

What are the prizes?

Support and thank our Sponsors

Buy a Charity Raffle ticket

Where can I stay for the weekend

Who to contact if you need assistance with the Greenback Fishing Competition


Greenback Prizes update


Fishing Competition Prizes: All prizes are Cash and/or Goods (1) Plus a Greenback cap

1st Tailor $3000 + Trophy
2nd Tailor $1500
3rd Tailor $500

Mens: 1st $1000, 2nd $300, 3rd $150, 4th $100
Ladies: 1st $1000, 2nd $300, 3rd $150
Seniors (2): 1st $1000, 2nd $300, 3rd $150
Juniors: 1st $500, 2nd $150, 3rd $75

Species Winners:
Mens:  7 x $250
Ladies: 8 x $250
Seniors (2): 7 x $250
Juniors:  x $200

1 Tweed Coast Marine 1st Tailor
2 Tweed Coast Marine 2nd Tailor
3 Tweed Coast Marine 3rd Tailor
4 Alvey Mens Div 1st
5 Alvey Mens Div 2nd
6 Alvey Mens Div 3rd
7 Alvey Mens Div 4th
8 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Div 1st
9 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Div 2nd
10 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Div 3rd
11 Alvey Seniors Div 1st
12 Alvey Seniors Div 2nd
13 Alvey Seniors Div 3rd
14 BCF Ballina Juniors Div 1st
15 BCF Ballina Juniors Div 2nd
16 BCF Ballina Juniors Div 3rd
17 Alvey Mens Species Bream
18 Alvey Mens Black Bream/Luderick
19 Alvey Mens Species Dart/Swallowtail
20 Alvey Mens Species Flathead
21 Alvey Mens Species Jewfish/Mulloway
22 Alvey Mens Species Tarwhine
23 Alvey Mens Species Whiting
24 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Bream
25 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Black Bream/Luderick
26 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Dart/Swallowtail
27 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Flathead
28 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Tailor
29 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Tarwhine
30 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Whiting
31 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Jewfish/Mulloway
32 Alvey Seniors Species Bream
33 Alvey Seniors Species Black Bream/Luderick
34 Alvey Seniors Species Dart/Swallowtail
35 Alvey Seniors Species Flathead
36 Alvey Seniors Species Jewfish/Mulloway
37 Alvey Seniors Species Tarwhine
38 Alvey Seniors Species Whiting
39 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Bream
40 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Black Bream/Luderick
41 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Dart/Swallowtail
42 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Flathead
43 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Tailor
44 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Tarwhine
45 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Whiting
46 BCF Ballina Juniors Species  Jewfish/Mulloway
47 ARAB Trophy – Heaviest bag
48 J&K Fowler Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield
25+ Entrants Prize Draws (must be present to collect)

(1) Subject to change up until 9th April 2018 (Sponsor dependant).

(2) Seniors / Veterans: Over the past years, this category/division has had a number of changes. We have had some feedback from competitors with regards to the title and age group. The Greenback Management Team have now confirmed that category/division will be known as ‘Seniors’ Division 55 and over (55+).

There may be some early advertising flyers and letters that had the age set to 60+. Please replace those flyers with the revised version located at event flyers and notices

There will be random drawing of prizes for entrants Sunday Morning and you will need to be on site and present your entry ticket to claim the prize.


Greenback C7

Our TV commercial is going to be on the following channels:

PRIME7 Gold Coast & Lismore (around Weekend Sunrise)

7MATE Gold Coast and Lismore ( around all the fishing shows)

7Two Gold Coast and Lismore (around the Weekender shows, Great day out, Greta Australian Doorstep and Lifestyle shows)


Queenslanders are going online…

Queenslanders are registering online and reaping the benefits, and the end result is having an impact on the J&K Fowler Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield progressive scores.

24 April – NSW [ 126 ]   v’s  QLD [216]

The progress scores are showing the impact of QLD’s registering online and placing orders for the competition fishing polos and mug guard’s.

The J&K Fowler Shield will also arrive next week, so lookout for a post update on the new Greenback Shield.




Alvey Reels Supports Greenback

The Tweed Coast Marine Greenback Fishing Comp 9-10 thee June looks like it will be a great event this year. A new level of competitiveness has been introduced with the advent of Maroon and Blue specially designed shirts. I am sure all the competitors will have a great time as always. Available at this link


Alvey Reels Australia will continue with manufacturing based in Australia

Alvey Reels will continue with manufacturing based in Australia.

“It’s not just a reel, it’s an Alvey!”

For almost 100 years iconic fishing brand, Alvey Reels, have stood side by side with Aussie anglers, priding themselves on a reputation built firmly on quality, innovation and unique design. Many of their much-loved reels have earned their right as prized possessions, passionately passed from one generation of fishing fanatic to the next.

Despite its’ unsurpassed status, the ever changing face of the modern retail and economic environment saw Alvey Reels face severe financial hardship. With slow sales, increased charges and rising manufacturing costs the favoured family-owned company was pushed almost to the point of bail-out in July 2017.

“A passion for quality and innovation by design”

Thankfully Alvey Reels’ lines run deep into the Australian angling community and along with an unprecedented and overwhelming display of public and retail support Alvey Reels are proud to announce their commitment to once again lure and maintain a shark-size chunk of the Australian and Global fishing retail market.

Casting a watchful eye over the Alvey legacy, we welcome Con Athans who will join forces with descendants of the founding family, Bruce and Glenn Alvey, in a partnership that will drive the brand to a sustainable future.

“To deliver the Alvey experience to the marine leisure sector”

Hooked on fishing? Well so are we! Alvey are thrilled to be able to continue to delight and inspire anglers from all over the world, offering state of the art products for Surf, Estuary, Rock, and Ocean fishing. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience in quality and performance by streamlining our integral manufacturing and sales support teams. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Alvey family in a partnership devoted to the sport we love to devour.

For further information please Contact Bruce Alvey. Bus Hrs 07 3271 2844

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Cover up YOUR MUG in a team QLD  or NSW GreenBack Mug Guard.  
This is a Garment designed for face protection.
Made from moister wicking microfiber – this will keep you looking and feeling cool.
Our UPF Protection barrier, blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.
One size fits most. Machine cold wash and line dry.
face mask
Purchasing a GreenBack Mug Guard supports our charities, our sponsors and your team in the J&K Fowler Greenback NSW v’s QLD shield competition. Like the polo top each mug guard sold is equal to catching a fish in the comp.

Why Pre-register?

Why Pre-register?

‘you will by-pass the entrant’s queue’ on Saturday morningth

You will pick up your sign-on bag under the VIP Sponsor/Pre-purchased express lane

you will save $

fast track to the sign-on lanes

Your registration has an impact on the NSW v QLD pre-game scores

you will have helped us (Lions, SLSC) with our planning of the event


pre register

J&K Fowler Building Services Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield – Progress scores

J&K Fowler Building Services Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield

10 April – Game Day: NSW [ 91 ]   v’s  QLD [100]

17 April – NSW [ 117 ]   v’s  QLD [121]

Comments: Still a close game with Team NSW closing the gap, mainly due to more Team QLD taking up Early Bird and online registrations than Team NSW.  Both Teams need to keep getting fishing folk to register.  I see a lot of fishing mates on Facebook, so am hoping that they will all start registering soon and join the SPONSOR VIP/Pre-Purchase express lane.


Updates to Parking ‘9-10 June’

Parking update:

Parking ‘9-10 June’ is now a Greenback web page.

We have allocated parking at two vacant lots off Hastings Road, and a Fish Drop-off zone has been established for Sunday 10 June 7am -9am at Pandanus Parade.

As a courtesy to local businesses, please do not park in front of shops. Please note that some parking is time-limited. In accordance with our  Temporary Licence agreement with the Tweed Shire Council, the NSW police service will be liaised with regarding vehicle control and parking.