Lions Charity Raffle …and the Winners are:

1st #0824 Edina Bautista; $5000 CASH

2nd #2399 Neale Genge; $6000 Tweed Coast Marine Boat package

3rd #1628 Mary Heck; North Star Holiday voucher $1500

4th #1989 Bill Brodie; madkeen $250 voucher

5th #1940 Jamie T.; Pottsville Bait and Tackle $150 voucher

Yellow Guernsey Winner

Jackie won the ladies division in 2018. Was good to present to Jackie at the Pottsville Beach Sport Club her yellow top…she could not wait to put it one. Good to see someone really take it all in. Our Thanks goes to Damian at madkeen, without Damian, our weekend would not have the colour that is on show with every one wearing a madkeen top/ cap etc

Congratulation Jackie, no doubt the shirt is a wanted collectors item.

Sponsored by madkeen

and the online monthly winners are –

Congratulations to our monthly Greenback online April and May winners, it pays to register on-line. Peter has had two wins 😉 and Blair and Leo have both picked up prizes worth $300+

The Draws are all done by RANDOMPICKER, and results are available to the public.

On-line closes at 10 pm tonight (Sunday 2 June)

Greenback online registration’s (Men, Ladies, Seniors & Juniors) will close tonight at 10pm). Your last chance to register and nominate a sign-on location & be in the running for some great prizes, drawn tonight.

Tweed 4WD permits, Shirts, and Raffle tickets will continue to be available online leading up to Saturday 8 June.

Yes Greenback! $650 prizes for registering online before 2 June 2019 (m)

Calling all Greenback anglers to <register on-line> or complete the <off-line form> before 2 June 2019. Help the Greenback Team to help you maximize your fishing time and you can still nominate a sign-on location (Ballina, Gold Coast or Pottsville).

The prizes…

The following prizes are ready to use for the greenback weekend: $300 (Juniors only) Alvey combo and assorted fishing items; $300 Dune (4WD) Tracker Swag; and a selection of sea hooks and wire-trace to chase the Greenback.

Juniors Registration online $300 prize draw

Juniors ticket price has remained at the EB rate of $25 up to 2 June 2019.

A Juniors only monthly draw prize for registering online is up for the taking. The $300.00 package includes [[Alvey wading bag, ruler, scaler, hook remover, T/Shirt (m), 40B XL/5R JUNIOR COMBO] $50 BCF Ballina card, Doug Burts Tackle World Gold Coast & Hooked On – sea hooks and wire traces – OceanStream 8lb,10lb & 12lb line – aquarium Pro Aqua AirPump HP-200]

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Win a $300 Dune 4WD Tracker Swag

The 2nd monthly register online prize draw is a $300 Dune (4WD) Tracker Swag. Open to all online entrants.Image

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Selection of sea hooks and wire trace’s (Doug Burts Tackle World & Hooked On)

The 3rd monthly register online prize draw is a selection of sea hooks and wire trace’s donated by Doug Burts Tackle World Gold Coast & Hooked On – Ballina. Just what you need for the Greenback catch.

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Start writing or type / to choose a block

Tweed 4WD permit cap of 75

In 2019 the Tweed Shire Council has placed a cap of 75 temporary permits. To avoid disappointment, I would suggest buying a permit now online (the 4WD PERMITS page will maintain a countdown of permit numbers – wef 18 May there are 59 permits available). Or, download and use the off-line registration form.

Win a $300 Dune 4WD Tracker Swag

If you <register on-line> you will be entered in the draw for a $300 Dune (4WD) Tracker Swag. Open to all online entrants.

A Junior Champion

A Junior Champion – If the competition was held this weekend (online only), this Junior Champion would clean up the registration prizes ($220 goods), the Juniors Division 1st 2nd & 3rd prizes ($950 including $250 cash) and pickup 8 species prizes (8 x $250 = $2000 in goods). Yep, he is the only junior currently registered. I wish you all the best fishing, but we do need some others to share the prize pool.

We have not increased the Junior rate after EB ended, it will remain at $25 up to 2 June 2019, then increase to $35 3-8 June. Please consider registering now as you will save a minimum of $10. Organise a group of Juniors (including Men, Ladies and Seniors) and more savings will come your way for the whole group.

On the Sunday, the Greenback Chair, will also have some prizes to be given to Junior Fishos. May be looking for those that are wearing the TEAM colours? May be looking for the Juniors that came so close to a win in the species categories?

The month of May Junior draw prize is a Fishing Package of a BCF Ballina $50 card, an Alvey 40BXL/5R, Hooked On 8-10-12LB Ocean Stream Plus line, 6-10-12” 40lb Ocean Stream wire trace and Doug Burts Tackle World 3 pkts 30 each 3/0 4/0 and 5/0 sea hooks valued at $220.00 (not bad value at $220, short odds for a win, with an outlay of $25.) That is a total of $3170 for the Greenback Juniors to chase.

Calling all NSW Blues

Calling all NSW Blues

It is time to wave the Greenback flag for the Premier State and stand it up for our Team Blue fishing mates. The Blues are planning a divisional whitewash to keep the Fowler Greenback Shield firmly in the Premier state. GAME ON!


Enter the annual 32nd Lions charity Greenback event, “Pottsville Beach Sports Greenback Fishing Comp” 8-9 June 2019 (NSW long—weekend). Register online, sign-on at Pottsville or Ballina (Ballina is scan ticket only, no card/cash; 3 locations- BCF, Ballina Bait & Tackle, Hooked On).

The first State of Origin game is the Wednesday before Greenback weekend, a great lead up to The Fowler Greenback State Shield. Fish in the best NSW tidal waters and be part of the NSW v’s QLD challenge. Weigh-in 9am-Sharp on 9 June Sunday at Pottsville. Try your luck with the $1000 madkeen (goods) secret fish. Over $37,000+ cash and fishing/camping prizes with 48 categories and signed Alvey Reels.

Entry includes the Sunday b/fast, heaps of lucky entry draws, charity fish auction, and a ticket in charity raffle 1st/2nd prize is choice of $6000 Tweed Coast Marine boat package or $5000 cash. Buy a TEAM NSW Competition Fishing polo shirt ($59.99) or t-shirt ($34.99) and don’t forget to grab your $5.00 raffle tickets online.

SPECIAL TEAM NSW COMBO OFFER. Buy a 2019 TEAM NSW Competition Fishing polo shirt or t-shirt and use a 30% discount promo on the entry ticket (SHIRTNSW30). Offer (2-31 May) subject to available stock.


For more information, head to where online is the go in 2019.

Calling all Queenslanders

Calling all Queenslanders

(Page 12 – Bush ‘n Beach Fishing, May 2019; please note the following correction in the article – At Gold Coast and Ballina Sign on you can only have your online ticket scanned as the sign on activity. If you need to purchase an entry ticket than you need to attend the Pottsville Sign on.)

It is time wave the Greenback flag for the Sunshine State and stand it up for our fishing mates! A Queenslander knows what it is like to bleed maroon so fish in your Queensland hot spot and bring those big fish to Pottsville and take home the shield. GAME ON! Enter the annual 32nd Lions charity Pottsville Beach Sports Greenback Fishing Comp 8-9 June 2019.

Register online, sign-on in QLD at Gold Coast (online ticket scan only, no cash/card; at madkeen tent at The Bait Shop Gold Coast 22 Kendor St ARUNDEL), Pottsville (at Pottsville Beach Sports Club) online ticket scan or cash) or Ballina (online ticket scan only no cash; at BCF Ballina, Ballina Bait & Tackle or HOOKED ON).

The first State of Origin game is the Wednesday before Greenback weekend, a great lead up to The Greenback Fowler State Shield. Fish QLD-NSW tidal waters and be part of the NSW v’s QLD challenge. Weigh-in 9am-Sharp on 9 June Sunday at Pottsville (30 minutes south of the border). Try your luck with the $1000 madkeen (goods) secret fish. Over $37,000+ cash and fishing/camping prizes with 48 categories and signed Alvey Reels.

Entry includes the Sunday b/fast, heaps of lucky entry draws, charity fish auction, and a ticket in charity raffle 1st/2nd prize is choice of $6000 Tweed Coast Marine boat package or $5000 cash. Buy a TEAM QLD fishing shirt ($59.99) or t-shirt ($34.99) purchase online $5.00 raffle tickets and if you decide to fish in NSW don’t forget to purchase a NSW fishing licence from for $7.

Online is the go in 2019 at

Greenback March winners

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Thanks to our Sponsors BCF (Ballina), Fishing Monthly and Bush n’ Beach Fishing.

March 2019 Monthly Raffle draw for an Entrants ticket Winner is Jodie Bussian ticket number 918.×86826

March Online winners

On-Line Monthly Prize draws (March 2019)

Prize IDEntrant
 BCF Ballina $50 gift cardDavidNewall
 BCF Ballina $50 gift cardJamesNewall
 Bush n’ Beach Fishing SubscriptionsJasonBottomley
 Bush n’ Beach Fishing SubscriptionsShaunGovender
 Fishing Monthly NSW SubscriptionsPJWardle
 Fishing Monthly NSW SubscriptionsJoyScheeren

Greenback Tailor Champion & The History of Greenback

Now this is what we call a Fishing Competition Trophy / Shield.

Dates back to the mid 1980’s when the Greenback competition was a couple of tents and a BBQ.

There is a lot of fishing history in the names of the Competitors, sadly some we only have in our memories and photographs that have survived over these past years. It is good to see some of the champions still entering the competition.

VALE April 2019 Don McDonald Greenback Champion 1989 & 1996

Don McDonald
Don McDonald 1996
Jared Clare 2006
Peter Watts 2008
Brad Tundstead 2011
Steve Curnow 2012
Tyler Ott 2013
Frank Ott 2014
Kerry Bussian 2016
Geoff McGrath 2018

History of The Greenback Tailor Fishing Competition

Since 1981 the Greenback Tailor Fishing Competition has been a community focused event helping raise funds for local organisations and setting the standard of beach fishing competitions on the Tweed Coast. The Greenback was originally run by the Cabarita Amateur Fishing Club. The first competition attracted a handful of competitors and was started to raise funds for the local nippers. The Fishing Club along with locals Pat and June O’Keefe worked tirelessly to build up the competition, and by the 10th year in operation, the event had 438 anglers signed on and was held at the Cabarita Gardens Lake resort.

Former Manly rugby league star Tom Mooney was the big winner of the 1994 competition, winning $1000 with a tailor catch of 3.865kg. The event has seen some significant catches of all species. As the event continued Gary Timperley, June O’Keeffe’s father helped with the running of the competition. Gary Timperley, known by many as ‘Arab’, bought with him plenty of fishing gear and fireworks for the finale. Arab also delivered food to the anglers, which was very welcomed by the fishing entrants when battling big seas and strong winds. Over the years a number of people have been involved in organising the event; George Davidson; Pat and June O’Keeffe. To honour the contribution made by Pat and June O’Keeffe, in 2006 they were made Patrons of the Competition.

The event was managed by an Organisation, set up specifically to run the Competition, and it had considerable difficulty in attracting sufficient volunteers to become members of the Organisation and to form the Management Committee. As a result of this situation, the Competition was not held in 2003 and 2005. Eventually, it reached the stage where it was necessary to dissolve the Organisation. In 2004, Casuarina gained the sponsorship rights for the competition in an attempt to save the event; however, as a charity event, this format was not successful. The Lions Club of Cabarita Beach Pottsville Beach agreed to take the competition on as a Lions club project late 2005 and held the first Lions Greenback Charity Fishing competition in 2006 under the leadership of Lion Stan Dawson OAM.

The financial success of the event is heavily dependent on Sponsorship, Raffles, Fish Auction and the sale of Beach Permits. Entrance Fees alone cannot cover the costs. The Pottsville Fishing Club provides the Chief Judge and two teams to check, weigh and sort into 45 winning categories. Since 2006, the competition has attracted a field of 500 to 1000 anglers who compete in four divisions; men, ladies, seniors/veterans and juniors (under 16). The seniors/vets has changed over the years from 65 to 55. In 2018 they are Seniors at age 55 plus. The prize pool over the last few years has been around the $30,000 mark.

The event is normally held in front of the Cabarita Beach Hotel and SLSC. The boundaries have changed over the years from no boundaries in the early years; to the south wall of the Tweed River to Evans Head. Anglers can fish anywhere along the beaches and estuaries between the competition boundaries. In 2018 the boundary will be from the NSW/QLD border to the south wall of the Richmond River at South Ballina. All fish weighed in are auctioned to raise additional funds for charity. Since 2006 the competition has raised over $120,000 which has been donated to Volunteers Rescue Association, SLSC, Westpac Rescue Helicopter, local schools, and other local Lions initiatives.

In 2015 and 2017, the Lions Club of Cabarita Beach Pottsville Beach had to make the difficult decision to postpone and cancel both events. With success, the 30th anniversary of the Greenback fishing competition was held in 2016. Without Sponsorship there is no Greenback competition. Over the thirty years of the event, Major Sponsors; Alvey Reels Australia, Perry Homes, J Fowler Building Services, O’Conners Transport, Southern Cross Credit Union, North Star Holiday Resort and Cabarita Beach Hotel have continually supported the event.

With the backing from the Lions Club Cabarita Beach Pottsville Beach, two Lions members (Stephen Duffield & Stan Dawson OAM) formed the Lions Greenback Management Team. With the support of new major sponsors: Tweed Coast Marine, madkeen, Alvey Reels, Anaconda (West Burleigh) and BCF (Ballina) we now have the 2018 ‘Tweed Coast Marine’ Greenback Fishing Competition alive, well and back on track for 9 & 10 June 2018. We are planning for 800 plus anglers from New South Wales and Queensland to attend. The event in its 31st year is expected to give the region a welcome economic boost. At the closing of the event (12:30pm) the drawing of the major raffle prizes will take place with much interest as to who will be taking home the 1st prize Tweed Coast Marine $9000 boat package.

Lion Dr. Stephen Duffield
11 March 2018

References & Sources:
Lions Club Cabarita Pottsville Beach records
Tweed Coastal Living (19 May 2016)
Tweed Valley Weekly

Greenback 2019 is

History in the making: the 32nd Greenback Tailor Fishing Competition (est 1981) turns into a new era of Greenback at Pottsville Beach Sports

Register Online : 2019 is the new era of online registration

Game On: Sign-on with an online ticket scan at your chosen location (Ballina & Gold Coast (Online only), Pottsville (Online and cash)

No Boundaries: No geographical limit other than you must be in NSW or QLD tidal waters (beach, rock, rivers and estuaries)

Support your Team: TEAM NSW or TEAM QLD

Bigger Fish: the merge of NSW and QLD regulations means longer fish

Smaller Bags: Bag limits of 15 fish per competitor to support the sustainability of the competition.

Better odds: With the competition changes the odds of winning a prize has significantly improved

Great prizes: Over $37,000 prizes ($9,300 cash) up for grabs, 49 prize categories plus entrants lucky draws (goods value $10 to $300) and TCM boat package.

Secret Fish: The madkeen secret fish only known by one person at weigh-in (A fish specie by weight)

the Sunday:  “well organised and very friendly helpful bunch of volunteers which make it a great atmosphere around the competition especially during the closing ceremony” …and don’t forget the Greenback After party.

Junior 3+

**GREENBACK SPECIAL – RATE JUNIORS: For a Family that has three (3) or more Juniors entering the competition, the entry cost will remain at Early Bird rates of $25 per Junior.


Can only be applied on-line. The special rate cannot be used post 2 June. 

You may also like to consider the Greenback Payment Plan.

GB AFTER PAY- | Register now and Pay later…

Our version of After Pay the Greenback way – Greenback Payment Plan

This time of the year can always be a challenge. We now offer to register now and pay regular payments using bank deposit/transfer arrangements.

Enter/register/purchase the items and select BANK TRANSFER as the method of payment. This is where you stop. We come to an agreement of payment terms noting that final payment is no later then 29 May 2019. One option could be pay 1/2 now and the remaining balance in 3-4 weeks time.

Once the final payment is made, I will update the system and paid invoices and tickets will be emailed to you, ready for sign-on.

Please use the Greenback Payment Plan form.

Wanted: Greenback NSW and QLD Team Ambassadors

The Greenback Management Team are looking for NSW and QLD Team Ambassadors to support the lead up to the Fowler Building Services Greenback NSW vs QLD shield presentation on Sunday 9 June at the Pottsville Beach Sports Club. The roles are open to anyone to volunteer. If you’re a passionate Blues or Maroons sports person and don’t mind some banter, then these roles are for you.

Lions Club of Cabarita Beach Pottsville Beach Inc We do have some interest… I would like some more helpers to chant the Queenslander and the Blues, the game will start soon, may even be this week, and from what I can see, QLD have taken the lead well and good with fishing shirt orders ……..and for the record, I will wear the Team QLD on the Saturday and Team NSW on Sunday, although I am thinking of swapping that around this year, now that the boundaries are no longer… WHO is up for the Ambassador challenge? You will be rewarded if you can get the crowd going !

#lionsgreenback ‘Feedback’

time to get #lionsgreenback up and running.

Please post what #lionsgreenback means to you.

 …my friends and I only enter this comp, as it is local, well organised and very friendly helpful bunch of volunteers which make it a great atmosphere around the competition especially during the closing ceremony, I don’t think we have ever won a prize but that doesn’t matter to us as it all goes to a great charity…

I just wanted to let you know that my kids and I had an absolutely wonderful time down at Cabba for the Tailor Comp. #lionsgreenback Registration was nice and easy as we had all pre-registered. The Lions Staff were very helpful and friendly. The breakfast on Sunday morning was very welcome after a cold night of fishing lol

During the Comp I actually caught some fish this time and my daughter caught her first tailor and she even had some fish in the Comp she had caught – so bloody fantastic 🙂
…also won a fishing magazine subscription, and I won a… Thanks go to you and the Lions as well as all the wonderful volunteers that helped. Hope to see you again in 2019 mate 🙂

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