CAPE BYRON Marine Park

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CAPE BYRON Marine Park: All no-take zones in marine parks are excluded. All competitors are to acquaint themselves with rules and regulations of the CAPE BYRON marine park and will be liable and responsible for their actions within CAPE BYRON marine park. Details and marine park rules are available at

Cape Byron Marine Park on the NSW far North Coast extends approximately 37 km along the coastline from the Brunswick River northern training wall to Lennox Head.

The marine park includes:

  • approximately 220 km2 of NSW state waters from the mean high water mark to three nautical miles offshore;
  • tidal waters of the Brunswick River and its tributaries;
  • Belongil Creek and Tallow Creek.

The park was established in November 2002 and its zones and management rules commenced in May 2006.

Zoning maps for NSW marine parks are now available for free on smartphones and tablets from the Avenza Map Store and as part of the NSW DPI FishSmart app.

To use Avenza Maps, download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play. Once installed, go to the Avenza Maps Store and search for ‘DPI Fisheries’ to find and download available maps.

Alternatively, the NSW DPI FishSmart app provides recreational fishers access to essential information needed to fish in NSW waters, including marine park maps.

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to visit an area of limited mobile reception it is recommended that you use Avenza Maps.

The marine park Zoning Map (PDF, 887.12 KB) and User Guide (PDF, 1943.36 KB) provide information about the zoning arrangements and management rules in the park.

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