A Junior Champion

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A Junior Champion – If the competition was held this weekend (online only), this Junior Champion would clean up the registration prizes ($220 goods), the Juniors Division 1st 2nd & 3rd prizes ($950 including $250 cash) and pickup 8 species prizes (8 x $250 = $2000 in goods). Yep, he is the only junior currently registered. I wish you all the best fishing, but we do need some others to share the prize pool.

We have not increased the Junior rate after EB ended, it will remain at $25 up to 2 June 2019, then increase to $35 3-8 June. Please consider registering now as you will save a minimum of $10. Organise a group of Juniors (including Men, Ladies and Seniors) and more savings will come your way for the whole group.

On the Sunday, the Greenback Chair, will also have some prizes to be given to Junior Fishos. May be looking for those that are wearing the TEAM colours? May be looking for the Juniors that came so close to a win in the species categories?

The month of May Junior draw prize is a Fishing Package of a BCF Ballina $50 card, an Alvey 40BXL/5R, Hooked On 8-10-12LB Ocean Stream Plus line, 6-10-12” 40lb Ocean Stream wire trace and Doug Burts Tackle World 3 pkts 30 each 3/0 4/0 and 5/0 sea hooks valued at $220.00 (not bad value at $220, short odds for a win, with an outlay of $25.) That is a total of $3170 for the Greenback Juniors to chase.

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