7-8 hrs to go

Pottsville Sports Club opens at 8 am for the Lions Greenback fishing comp up to 5 pm Saturday. All are aligned for one of the best fish catches on record. If you enjoy fishing then this is the comp to enter and fish in any tidal waters.

Pay on Saturday $55 Men’s & Ladies; $50 Seniors & $35 Juniors.

Sunday is a great Family day 🙂



Author: Lion Stephen Duffield

2 thoughts on “7-8 hrs to go

  1. Really enjoyed the comp Stephen. Great job by all. I hope the Lions club made some well needed funds. Look forward to the next one, and great to see you again. Cheers, Brenda.

    1. Hi Brenda thank you for the feedback, From a LIon perspective, if we make the community and entrants happy then we have achieved our goal. /Lion Stephen

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