4WD Permits

If you intend on using other beaches outside of the Tweed Shire Council, please consult the relevant authorities. In particular, if you intend on operating 4WD vehicles on beaches within the Cape Byron Marine Park under the Greenback permit, do so in accordance with local authority requirements and please do not cause disturbance to resting shorebirds.

In 2019 the Tweed Shire Council has placed a cap of 75 temporary permits. To avoid disappointment, I would suggest buying a permit now online or use the off-line form.

75 remaining permits at 01/10/2019

To assist the Greenback Management Team (GMT) meet TSC and NSW National Park requirements, the GMT request that you purchase the permit online before Saturday 6 June. With a Pre 30 May purchase you can select your sign-on site (Ballina, Gold Coast or Pottsville) to pickup your Permit.

Depending on the online sale of the Permits there may be some remaining on the Saturday 6 June. With a post 30 May purchase you can only sign-on at Pottsville and purchase a permit (if they are available).

Please present your ‘4WD ticket you received at registration’ at Sign-on and your ticket will be scan and you will be given your Pottsville Beach  Fishing Club Greenback temporary beach vehicle permit.

NOTE: YOU CAN KEEP THE TICKET EMAIL ON YOUR PHONE RATHER THAN PRINT. The ticket QR/barcode needs to be clear and visible to use this method. If in doubt please check with Stephen.

The Conditions of the permit:

A copy will be available at sign-on.

By Submitting your Name and Registration Number you are acknowledging that you have read and fully understand the conditions of the permit and agree to comply with the same. That you fully understand that failure to comply with these requirements may result in the immediate cancellation of the permit and/or the issue of an infringement notice for the offence. The Pottsville Beach Fishing Club Greenback temporary beach vehicle permit will be attached to my vehicle so that it can be easily identified as a temporary permit holder. Camping is prohibited within the Tweed Shire except in designated camping grounds. Any rubbish will be removed.

Tweed Shire Council COMPLIANCE

The following letter from NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service advises that this year we have not been successful to have access to the beaches associated with the National Parks. PLEASE ensure you are familiar with the Tweed Shire Council provided maps.