No Boundaries, All online, early sign-on & 3 sign-on locations

Over the last two years the Greenback Management Team have had many questions about competition boundaries, sign-on process, sign-on timing and e-commerce online systems. Enjoy the update, as a significant amount of volunteer hours have gone into setting up the following changes.

Online System – Event Espresso

Last year we did well with 30% online & Paypal, however our ability to change the WordPress internet site made the registration process some what cumbersome, both front and back end. This year we have moved our host site and domain from the US to Australia and purchased an event management program (Event Espresso) that will help us move with e-commerce tools. Sign-on and b/fast on Sunday will now be a simple scan of your ticket.

You can now purchase your fishing comp ticket, fishing shirts and a 4WD permit if needed all at once and for more than one person. The system has its little quirks, however it is an significant improvement on our previous site. There will be a paper entry form to download and then we will update the system so you will still get the benefits of an online purchase. I would like to see an 85% take up online (which includes paper entries).

There will be Help Guides (Work -in-progress), FAQs (will be updated as they come in), A Live Chat function available when I am online, or leave a message for me on Live Chat, or fill in the contact us form. My email is

Online Raffle Tickets

This year will be another first, selling our raffle tickets online. We have two great prizes with a choice of a TCM boat package valued at $6,000 or $5,000 cash from our major sponsor “Pottsville Beach Sports Club”. We are able to sell on-line to the residents of ACT, NSW NT, QLD and Tasmania. So I would encourage all to buy a few tickets on-line and share the site with your family and friends.

Online Ticket sign-on locations

We had a 50/50 split with a Friday night start. This option is still on the agenda for 2020. We have changed sign-on time to 8am for ONLINE TICKET’s at 3 sites, Ballina, Pottsville and Gold Coast. I am sure that will make a lot of Ballina/Evens Head fishing folk a tad happy. Still working on a suitable Ballina location. With our boundaries gone, this opens up a new comp to many QLD fishing folk, so it made sense to have an ONLINE TICKET sign-on some where on the Gold Coast. Still working on a suitable location. Happy to take advice from those that live in both of the regions.

The 8 am start will make some happy, just please come prepared to scan your ticket and pickup an entry pass and fishing bag. If you ordered a 4WD permit for the Tweed coast, you will need the ticket for the 4WD scanned and you will be provided with a 2019 permit label. For those that have not bought online, you will need to come to Pottsville for a 9 am sign-on and be issued with a ticket to be scanned. The

If you purchase an ONLINE ticket after 2 June, you can then sign-on at 8am at Pottsville. This also applies to the 4WD permit.

What Boundaries

Competition boundaries comes up every year the event has been held. It has gone from local beaches, fish anywhere, rivers and estuaries i.e. south of Tweed River to Evans Head, to Ballina, to the QLD/NSW border etc After much debate a little bit of Greenback History has came back. You can now fish in QLD and NSW tidal waters (beach, rocks, rivers, estuaries). Setting up the three sign-on sites will also help on the Saturday morning, however all must bring back your catch to Pottsville on Sunday 9 am sharp! This decision does have some challenges. The fish size is not the same, so we have revised our lengths to meet both state regulations and also revised the bag limits in the interest of sustainability of the competition.

Similar to 2018, we will again implement an Activity Report and Compliance Statement to help the Greenback Management Team Event Manager meet the requirements of the NSW DPI fish permit, marine park permit and compliance audits. If the Greenback Management Team and Chief Judge is aware of any evidence of fraud/non-compliance with the rules and good will of the competition then the appropriate State authority will be notified.

Event Cancellation & Refund Policy

Having an online booking system, does introduce the “what if it is bad weather” and “Your friends decide to get married on 9 June ” etc. So we need an event cancellation and refund policy.


Any cancellation request pre 1 May 2019 will be issued without a fee. A cancellation fee of $5.00 will be held if an entrant cancels after 1 May and before 3 June 2019. After this time refunds will be subject to approval of the Greenback Management Team. The cancellation fee may be waived by the Greenback Management Team.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances and the competition is cancelled, a $5.00 management fee will be kept per entry and the rest refunded, this management fee will come off next year’s entry fee.