Greenback Prizes update


Fishing Competition Prizes: All prizes are Cash and/or Goods (1) Plus a Greenback cap

1st Tailor $3000 + Trophy
2nd Tailor $1500
3rd Tailor $500

Mens: 1st $1000, 2nd $300, 3rd $150, 4th $100
Ladies: 1st $1000, 2nd $300, 3rd $150
Seniors (2): 1st $1000, 2nd $300, 3rd $150
Juniors: 1st $500, 2nd $150, 3rd $75

Species Winners:
Mens:  7 x $250
Ladies: 8 x $250
Seniors (2): 7 x $250
Juniors:  x $200

1 Tweed Coast Marine 1st Tailor
2 Tweed Coast Marine 2nd Tailor
3 Tweed Coast Marine 3rd Tailor
4 Alvey Mens Div 1st
5 Alvey Mens Div 2nd
6 Alvey Mens Div 3rd
7 Alvey Mens Div 4th
8 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Div 1st
9 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Div 2nd
10 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Div 3rd
11 Alvey Seniors Div 1st
12 Alvey Seniors Div 2nd
13 Alvey Seniors Div 3rd
14 BCF Ballina Juniors Div 1st
15 BCF Ballina Juniors Div 2nd
16 BCF Ballina Juniors Div 3rd
17 Alvey Mens Species Bream
18 Alvey Mens Black Bream/Luderick
19 Alvey Mens Species Dart/Swallowtail
20 Alvey Mens Species Flathead
21 Alvey Mens Species Jewfish/Mulloway
22 Alvey Mens Species Tarwhine
23 Alvey Mens Species Whiting
24 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Bream
25 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Black Bream/Luderick
26 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Dart/Swallowtail
27 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Flathead
28 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Tailor
29 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Tarwhine
30 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Whiting
31 Anaconda West Burleigh Ladies Species Jewfish/Mulloway
32 Alvey Seniors Species Bream
33 Alvey Seniors Species Black Bream/Luderick
34 Alvey Seniors Species Dart/Swallowtail
35 Alvey Seniors Species Flathead
36 Alvey Seniors Species Jewfish/Mulloway
37 Alvey Seniors Species Tarwhine
38 Alvey Seniors Species Whiting
39 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Bream
40 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Black Bream/Luderick
41 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Dart/Swallowtail
42 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Flathead
43 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Tailor
44 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Tarwhine
45 BCF Ballina Juniors Species Whiting
46 BCF Ballina Juniors Species  Jewfish/Mulloway
47 ARAB Trophy – Heaviest bag
48 J&K Fowler Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield
25+ Entrants Prize Draws (must be present to collect)

(1) Subject to change up until 9th April 2018 (Sponsor dependant).

(2) Seniors / Veterans: Over the past years, this category/division has had a number of changes. We have had some feedback from competitors with regards to the title and age group. The Greenback Management Team have now confirmed that category/division will be known as ‘Seniors’ Division 55 and over (55+).

There may be some early advertising flyers and letters that had the age set to 60+. Please replace those flyers with the revised version located at event flyers and notices

There will be random drawing of prizes for entrants Sunday Morning and you will need to be on site and present your entry ticket to claim the prize.


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