Alvey Reels Australia will continue with manufacturing based in Australia

Alvey Reels will continue with manufacturing based in Australia.

“It’s not just a reel, it’s an Alvey!”

For almost 100 years iconic fishing brand, Alvey Reels, have stood side by side with Aussie anglers, priding themselves on a reputation built firmly on quality, innovation and unique design. Many of their much-loved reels have earned their right as prized possessions, passionately passed from one generation of fishing fanatic to the next.

Despite its’ unsurpassed status, the ever changing face of the modern retail and economic environment saw Alvey Reels face severe financial hardship. With slow sales, increased charges and rising manufacturing costs the favoured family-owned company was pushed almost to the point of bail-out in July 2017.

“A passion for quality and innovation by design”

Thankfully Alvey Reels’ lines run deep into the Australian angling community and along with an unprecedented and overwhelming display of public and retail support Alvey Reels are proud to announce their commitment to once again lure and maintain a shark-size chunk of the Australian and Global fishing retail market.

Casting a watchful eye over the Alvey legacy, we welcome Con Athans who will join forces with descendants of the founding family, Bruce and Glenn Alvey, in a partnership that will drive the brand to a sustainable future.

“To deliver the Alvey experience to the marine leisure sector”

Hooked on fishing? Well so are we! Alvey are thrilled to be able to continue to delight and inspire anglers from all over the world, offering state of the art products for Surf, Estuary, Rock, and Ocean fishing. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience in quality and performance by streamlining our integral manufacturing and sales support teams. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Alvey family in a partnership devoted to the sport we love to devour.

For further information please Contact Bruce Alvey. Bus Hrs 07 3271 2844

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