Greenback ‘NSW v’s QLD’ page is ready for the 10th of April, 2018.

Greenback ‘NSW v’s QLD’ page

J&K Fowler Greenback NSW v’s QLD Shield

 NSW [ 00000 ]   v’s  QLD [ 00000 ]

The competition will commence on the 10th of April, after early bird closes.  Points will be collected as you register and select your team and/or when you place an order for a fishing polo shirt and/or a face guard.  The points will be updated as they come into the Greenback Management Team. On the 9th of June after sign-on closes, the pro-rata will be applied based on the number of participants from each state. The points count will close at the completion of the weigh-in on the 10th of June.NSW vs QLD

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